Snow Vit Eau de Parfum 100 ml

Snow Vit represents the long lasting snow of Sweden. After long stay, snow melts into pure fresh drops of clean water drops, calling for a fresh start all the time. Snow Vits logo is a symbol of that pure melting snow, taking the shape of a water drop. Snow vit as a unisex perfume encourages you both man and woman to keep the sole up as the long dark nights will eventually take a break with the white pure snow spread all around. No matter what, stay fresh, keep going and keep it up! That is the short and intense message of our exclusive SNOW VIT perfume.
When winter is over, Snow melts and transforms itself into fresh water drops bringing smiling spring to us that is full of flowers and life. Snow Vit is also a fresh welcome of spring after long cold winters. Water in all its forms is a symbol of knowledge. Descending water from melting snow represents transmission of knowledge from a higher to a lower place, the flow of information from teacher to student. Wearing SNOW VIT make you feel full of wisdom, self-confidence and make you the master.

Snow is a great equalizer- no matter how big or small the building or a car or a plane, they are all covered with snow. Snow has the ability to cover over the impurities and remind us of our own purity. Snow vit makes everybody feel a great pure person. Snow vit perfume opens up with a very pleasant fresh scent of lemon and grapefruit blended together to give a perfect start. The middle is floral rose with a touch of jasmine that melts to a white musky base.
The bottle like its name SNOW vit is evocative of generous nature; the exuberant and pure design of the shape of a water drop takes inspiration from snow covered SWEDEN. The general shape of the bottle is fluid, tall and stender. The harmony of its curves combined with delicacy of its neck; contribute to its typically feminine character. Finally, the mark of distinction is the glass thick base that further enhances its beautiful stature and gives it a bold stand like the man.

Snow Vit Shower Gel 200 ml
Moisturizing and soothing

This light, pleasant feeling gel cleanses the skin deep down and nourishes without attacking the skin’s natural protective layer.The pH-friendly formulation contains moisturizing and soothing extracts and antibacterial agents. Cosmetically water lily extracts are used to support a mild calming and cooling effect of stressed, reddened and slightly irritated skin.It is an excellent vehicle for delivering the active ingredients of micro-algae (rich in minerals), which hold and adjust water in the skin, leaving it pleasantly moisturized.The distilled water of witch hazel and camomile extract purify and soothe the skin, leaving it feeling pleasantly refreshed.The soft foam and subtle fragrance envelop the body and help you unwind and experience a feeling of wellbeing.Following cleansing, skin will be purified, supple and velvety.

Apply a generous amount of product on damp skin and massage in, lathering into a soft foam. Rinse thoroughly with plenty of lukewarm water. Particularly suitable for frequent daily use.

Snow Vit Body Lotion 200 ml
Emollient body cream

Soft and gentle energizing body emulsion with super skin lightening properties. Apply twice daily Snow Vit lotion for two months to obtain 70% skin lightening, 50% lessening of hyper pigmented areas, 65% more even complexion and 75% more radiant skin. It feels wonderful as it is massaged into the skin, moisturizing even the driest, most dehydrated areas. The inclusion of a complex of mineral salts, essential oils and amino acids makes it ideal for promoting cell turnover, regenerating and decongesting. The combined action of a seaweed and hyaluronic acid leaves skin toned and hydrated.
This is a paraben- Hydroquinones free product.

Put a modest amount of Snow Vit lotion in your hands and massage into the body with circular movements. Enjoy its spirit lifting fresh smell.

Snow Vit Cooling Body Spray 200 ml
Soothing purifying tonic

Snow Vit body spray has a refreshing and stimulating effect. After shower start your day with an opening of floral fresh Snow Vit with original lemon smell from Sicily mixed with Grapefruit from California. By the middle of the day you and your partner can feel the rich floral rose from Turkey and Jasmine from Italy fused magically with white musk.
Its precious ingredients – organic distilled water of cornflower and witch hazel – leave the skin gently soothed and purified. Furthermore, it helps keep the skin’s protective layer intact and adjust moisture levels.
Alcohol, paraben and phenoxyethanol free

Spray the product over the body and rub in gently.