Miss Naturale Eau de Parfum 100 ml
If we are asked to express feminity and romance in only two words, we better say :

Now no need for words any more to express love: let Miss Naturale speaks on your behalf! Simply wear Miss Naturale and your man will know how great you are and how great is your lust towards him. Miss Naturale takes you to a memorial nice walk hand to hand with your lover, while jasmine white flowers and orange trees hide you both from rest of the world. White jasmines and Golden oranges resemble the logo of Miss naturale…GOLD ON WHITE. Miss naturale is a perfume that tells an innocent, intense love story between two hearts with jasmine infused fragrance really increasing the beta waves that makes your man more awake and alert to your full presence and feminity. Increase your romance and intimacy: wear Miss Naturale! Miss Naturale builds trust, communication and intimacy on verbal and non-verbal levels. Love has no boundaries or limits and so is scent of Miss natural with one spray you fill your world with limitless love scent! Can we describe what is attractive in feminity? It is the collective harmonized beauty in a curvy body with a lovely talk and attractive smile! Likewise Miss Naturale , makes wonders by adding to your feminity , self-esteem and confidence…with its harmonized mix that delivers feminine scent all day long. It brings joy to you and those around you the whole day. The opening fascinating mix of water flower, star anis and cold OZONE scent like coming from another planet happy and fresh. The middle scent of Miss naturale is floral, sweet , woody , rosy full of sunshine and feminity…and melts to the base of powdery, amber and vanilla that makes it altogether very sexy…so get ready for miss abduction…miss naturale! LOVE becomes a history when it lasts and when is kept…and so is your scent of MISS NATURALE… stays on and on, just like your love story writing it instantly on the heart of your man! Miss Naturale perfume comes in a transparent glass of dominant and toughened character with power of seduction and attraction. These are dominant personality traits of MISS NATURALE bottle. The tapered silhouette enhanced by the play of beautiful glass thicknesses, as well as smooth and harmonious contours, contribute to the subtle elegance of the design. The shiny heavy Golden cap tells how bold can the romance and love be…WITH MISS NATURALE!

Miss Naturale Shower Gel 200 ml
Moisturizing and soothing

This light, pleasant feeling gel cleanses the skin deep down and nourishes without attacking the skin’s natural protective layer.
The pH-friendly formulation contains moisturizing and soothing extracts and antibacterial agents. It is an excellent vehicle for delivering the active ingredients of micro-algae (rich in minerals), which hold and adjust water in the skin, leaving it pleasantly moisturized. The distilled water of witch hazel and camomile extract purify and soothe the skin, leaving it feeling pleasantly refreshed.The soft foam and subtle fragrance envelop the body and help you unwind and experience a feeling of wellbeing.
Following cleansing, skin will be purified, supple and velvety.

Apply a generous amount of product on damp skin and massage in, lathering into a soft foam. Rinse thoroughly with plenty of lukewarm water. Particularly suitable for frequent daily use.

Miss Naturale Body lotion 200 ml
Emollient body cream

Miss Naturale Lotion is soft and gentle energizing body emulsion. It feels wonderful as it is massaged into the skin, moisturizing even the driest, most dehydrated areas.
Miss natural lotion is like a bridge between cultures by using natural organic extracts of Japanese cherry flowers and French rose. In Japan, Cherry flowers symbolize ephemeral beauty because of their delicacy and fragility. Ancient legends tell how the cherry blossoms are awakened in spring by “the maiden who causes trees to bloom” or by fairies who visited the emperor at the palace of Yoshino in the moonlight.
Japanese cherry extract is conditioning, moisturizing and regenerating agents for Japanese phyto concept, Zen & wellness products for everyday-nourishing-care. Roses have been prized for many centuries and by every culture due to their cooling properties, for treating eye diseases, for burning psoriasis, inflamed skin and mucus membranes. Organically cultivated French rose petals are carefully extracted by using microwaves. This special extraction process achieves a lighter coloured product with reduced deterioration of the active components and typical delicate rose fragrance.The inclusion of a complex of mineral salts, essential oils and amino acids makes it ideal for promoting cell turnover, regenerating and decongesting. The combined action of a seaweed and hyaluronic acid leaves skin toned and hydrated. Miss Naturale body lotion is a paraben-free product.

Put a modest amount of cream in your hands and massage into the body with circular movements.

Miss Naturale Cooling Body Spray 200 ml
Soothing purifying tonic

Miss Naturale body spray has a refreshing and stimulating effect. Apply after bath on your body Miss natural spray and let people feel your feminity with floral Anise azone scent. Feel like miss universe with woody classy feminine Miss Naturale as if you are synthesizing new smell concept of roses from turkey , vanilla from madgashqar amber from INDIA and Jasmine from Italy.Its precious ingredients – organic distilled water of cornflower and witch hazel – leave the skin gently soothed and purified. Furthermore, it helps keep the skin’s protective layer intact and adjust moisture levels.
Alcohol, paraben and phenoxyethanol free

Spray the product over the body and rub in gently.