Vitamines Eye Liner Dark Black

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Developed exclusively for your lovely eyes …
With natural vitamin C and E to beutify and protect!

A new product with an added value brought by the double application:

• Automatic outliner + nib-end.

• An automatic Up & Down disposable pencil with a nib-end (eye shadow and lip pencil).

• A modern, matte-finish, automaticpencilwithexclusiveeye shadow and lip pencil applicators.

• A new and original product in stylised forms.

• A perfect combination of design and practicality in women’s make-up.

• The double action enables quick, convenient and simple application; perfect for modern lifestyles.

For perfect application of eye:

• Colours which require extra shading on the lids.

• Sponge applicator allows for even application around the eyes and eyelids.

• Ideal partners for this product are solid and pearl colours as well as products for tired eyes.

Pamper your lips with a touch of colour:

• A texture achieved by the combination of light, moisturising and sexy softening ingredients, which welcome the soft brush application to definethefinalcolour.

• Both products ensure an original and long-lasting effectin your make up.

• Prepare the area eye/lip area with the initial colour application and finishwithexpansiveretouching.

• Easy to apply.